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                            Profile of the Company

                                   Yonson company is headquartered is located Asias largest textile fabric market ---- Keqiao Chinese large enterprises Textile City, since the company was established 1993, after nearly more than 20 years of development growth, the enterprise has developed into a modern enterprise with a scientific diversified, large-scale, group. Company is mainly engaged textile development, design, production sales, development sales also involved real estate, enterprises also employ professional investment experts to carry out capital operation other financial investment business. Several companies affiliated enterprises: Shaoxing Yonson .Yonson trade limited company, Shaoxing Yonson knitting garments Co., Ltd. Shaoxing Yonson Digital Printing Technology Co., Ltd. Yonson Industrial Park several other companies, now within their respective areas play different roles. Different functions are growing growing!
                                 Shaoxing Yonson trade limited company: professional clothing fabric design, development, weaving, dyeing finishing, printing sales of industrial enterprises. The company since its establishment 1993, the main import fabrics developed into independent design, research development of new fabrics technology development production enterprises, the existing design, sales personnel more than 80 people (not including the production workers). A full set of imported production equipment, water jet, rapier projectile, Germany imported warp knitting machine, circular knitting machine finishing equipment. The company is now set up a professional development team, hire professional national textile fabric designers, each developed thousands of new designs varieties of fabrics. Vincent production of fashion fabrics has become the preferred materials for domestic well-known brand clothing. The companys sales network throughout the domestic large medium-sized city, but also Europe America Countries regions continue to open up new markets.
                                 Shaoxing Yonson knitting garments Co., Ltd.: specializing the production sales of various high-end knitting company, have a single, double-sided machines, machine imported from Germany Meyer (Mayer), rib machine, slitting machine other large aircraft a total of 50 units, mainly the production of Rome cloth, air layer, crystal hemp, silk, artificial filament twisting silk rayon twisting other high-end knitting products.
                            Shaoxing Yonson digital printing company, the company 2012 to invest a digital printing company, the company has two high-speed direct injection digital printing machine, printing quantity per hour can be as high as 120 meters, 20 sets of low speed digital printing machine, the total output of tens of meters, can do digital printing on cotton, polyester, knitted, all kinds of woven blank, digital pattern design, color printing factory has 6 staff, 20 production workers, provide quick response can also guarantee the quality of.
                            Yonson Industrial Park: large company mainly engaged the development sale of standard factory building, the company has developed the Yonson Industrial Park is located the China textile distribution center ---- Shaoxing Keqiao Economic Development Zone, Hebei Industrial Park, covers an area of 65543 square meters, east of Mei Yin River, West to the South to east road. Henghe, the north the dawn of the road to park location, surface mountain water, convenient traffic, beautiful environment. Yonson Industrial Park is the comprehensive development of Sino foreign joint venture industrial park, accordance with international design, international management mode, perfect facilities, beautiful environment, the park road spacious, every workshop can be used alone water electricity, steam pipeline facilities. According to the need to access plant, fire protection equipment complete, comply with international safety standard. There are 7 dormitory buildings, 3 meters high. The park has a security guard on duty to ensure the safety of the night. Park a total investment of 14 million 350 thousand, a total construction area of about 95 thousand square meters, have been completed put into use, industrial park industry incubator mainly the introduction of knitting, textile, clothing, embroidery, knitting, textile processing electronic products other high-grade project mainly.
                            Fashion, excellence perfection are our eternal pursuit! But based on the pragmatic, innovation is the driving force for development. The company good faith, pragmatism innovation for the development of the concept, through all the staff work together to enable enterprises to rise rapidly, which won the support love from all walks of life. Yonson people think that customer profitability is the fundamental guarantee for long-term development, between the sale of product customer profitability to choose to let the customer profitability. Todays achievement is to summarize the past efforts, the future is still a long road of struggle, we sincerely invite to join the Yonson enterprise development plans were a person with breadth of vision.