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                            Enterprise advantage

                            1、A long history; The company had been established 1993. It was officially registered as Shaoxing County Yonson Industry ;Trade Co., Ltd on February 27, 1997. At that time, the company was the first batch of private enterprises with the right of independent import export granted by the state Keqiao area. It has been existence for more than 20 years, has been developing steadily over the past 20 years with the recognition support of many customers. Its performance has been growing steadily. Under the leadership of Chairman Fu Guoqing, all of our employees have confidence to make the company to A long history company. Our goal is to keep Yonson stability until February 26, 2098 more.

                            2、Focus professional Management;Since the company was founded, Yonson Company focused on engaged top Womens fabric develop, product sales, the company focused on the target customers the 25-55 year-old womens fashion fabrics, has been Committed to becoming the most professional fashion womens annual growth fabric suppliers. The company set up these 20 years has been around the key objective of professional fabric suppliers operation, no matter how much real estate, coal industry, micro-finance other industries flourished, The company under the leadership of Chairman Fu Guoqing have been sticking the fabric of this industry, with professional quality service customers work closely together.

                            3、A large number of the regular customers;Until this day, We won the support cooperation of a large number of old customers with our top quality services. Such as Beijing Takada Apparel, Shanghai Iger service, Sierli Apparel, Shenzhen Winner Apparel, Ying’er International Apparel, Ya-Ying Jiaxing clothing other first brand of womens with us the long-term cooperation, their high standards high demand also prompted us to continuous improvement.

                            4、Complete rich product line;Since the company was founded, From the main import fabric to the development of independent design, research development, production, sales of high-end womens clothing fabrics, industrial trade one type, innovative enterprises. order to provide the best professional services to our customers, The company invested more than 100 million RMB 2003 to set up Yonson Industrial Zone, the Zone space of more than 60,000 square meters, floor space of 90,000 square meters, used to support the Yong sheng Industry Trade production, storage Sales. The rest of the plant will be used for rent to guarantee the value to keep the companys capital. order to ensure the quality from the source, the company established Shaoxing Yonson Knitting factory 2009, it is import the Mayer Cie circular knitting machine from Germany import the circular knitting machine, rib knitting machine form Taiwan, At this time it is supporting twisting, steam yarn workshop to ensure the quality of yarn. order to meet the Small quantity, full colors, short delivery time, the company was founded Yonson Digital Printing Factory 2012, introduced the most advanced digital printing machine at home abroad. daily capacity of 10,000 meters. The company has full production lines, from knitting to woven, from dyeing to printing, from chemical fiber to cotton linen, from screen printing to digital printing.

                            5、The companys decision-makers have a long view, bright decision, firm will diligence; Company chairman Fu Guoqing as the companys top leaders decision makers,faster than others every node of the companys development, can make accurate decisions stick to it. Investment from Yonson Industrial Park to Yonson knitting factory to Yonson digital plant,he take the opportunity every time make the development of Yonson company better. The chairman, puts his mind on his work every day for 20 years, goes to the customers regularly to do sales order to get a better understanding of the market, get to know the market at home abroad on a regular basis.

                            6、Wide channels of sales;The company has a sales office Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen other frontline cities to provide face-to-face services for customers. agents Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Fuzhou, Chengdu, Shandong Zhoucun other second line cities. we have sales department Keqiao, sales department Keqiao Eastern Mansion, while have online shops sales promotion.

                            7、Development design of new products are our strengths, the staff is stable; The company takes out 30% of its net profit every year for the design development of new products, which is led by the chairman person; there are more than 10 people from pattern design to color separation, analysis of raw materials to weaving, organizational structure innovation of raw materials. The team has both the national fabric designers the famous French Italy international pattern designers. At the same time we also maintain close relations of cooperation with international famous designers design teams, so as to ensure we have something new every day to meet the needs of different customers. Most of the employees the company are loyal to the company for more than 10 years. This ensures the quality of our products the continuity stability of the service, there will be no big volatility instability.

                            8、We have a good brand name reputation, So far, the company has been well known the industry. Many garment factories know our Yonson company very well; At the same time, our company also has a good reputation the upstream downstream industry chain. As a supplier of downstream garment factories, we can provide excellent quality service, be able to face some unusual orders positively, strive to satisfy customers achieve win-win results.